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Low Leaf - As One


Otis Brown III - The Way (Truth & Life)

Easter - Champagne 121212

A duo from Berlin, Germany, Easter mixes spoken lyrics with hypnotizing electronic beats. This highlight track is off of their 2012 album The Softest Hard which is available on bandcamp. Thanks to KXLU for the discovery.

Generationals - Spinoza

via rovi:

Generationals’ third studio album, 2013’s Heza, picks up right where the group’s 2009 album, Actor-Caster, left off. Recorded in Austin, Washington, D.C., as well as the group’s hometown of New Orleans, Heza features more of the band’s ’80s-influenced style, with songs that walk the line between experimental indie rock and retro new wave pop. Which isn’t to say that Generationals have made an anachronistic homage. On the contrary, the duo of ex-Eames Era members singer/guitarists Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner have a knack for making catchy, immediately infectious music that stands on its own, even as it references a wide variety of influences. In that sense, Heza balances Generationals’ more guitar-oriented, Velvet Underground-influenced rock sound with a sublime keyboard and electronic vibe. Tracks like “Extra Free Year,” “Put a Light On,” and “Say When” have a laid-back quality and a vinyl LP production warmth that combine the handclap-inducing, neon-colored sound of Tom Tom Club with the dreamy Afro-pop of Vampire Weekend. Ultimately, Heza is a nuanced work that flirts with the experimental, but always remains intimate, atmospheric, and endlessly listenable.

I’d prefer if this was a little more ‘lo-fi’, but good melodies.

Iman Omari - No Stress (featuring Kent Jamz)

Caribou - Our Love

Banger. Solid Caribou album, a natural evolution in sound. Great year for music so far.

SBTRKT - Spaced Out (featuring Boogie)

My favorite extra cut from the deluxe edition of SBTRKT’s magnificent sophomore record, Wonder Where We Land. Boogie, a Long Beach, CA rapper, combines soulful singing with rap lines to great effect.

Thom Yorke - A Brain In A Bottle

Surprise Thom Yorke album dropped today.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano - 6 8

Introducing singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and native New Yorker Gabriel Garzón-Montano. Born to a Colombian father and a French mother, Gabriel spent his early years mastering the violin, guitar, and drums, before turning to the piano and bass guitar to better complete his compositions. By the time he graduated from Purchase College’s Conservatory of Music, the foundations for his debut EP, Bishouné: Alma del Huila, were already laid. A heartfelt tribute to the role of family, love, and the City’s unavoidable lifestyle, Bishouné: Alma del Huila collects six songs performed and recorded at Henry Hirsch’s famed Waterfront Studios. Renovated from an old church, Henry’s home provided Gabriel with the right tools and environs needed to realize his demos to the songs included on this EP. Every clap, breath, harmony, and note was performed by Gabriel direct to 2” tape through a Helios console in real time. Aside from a dip into Pro Tools to loop the 25 overdubs that build the claps & stomps of “6 8” and drum programming on “Me Alone” and “Pour Maman”, computers had little place in Gabriel’s world. Not to imply Bishouné is a product of vintage fetishism; rather, the songs are a humble and urgent bout of self-expression guided by the natural limitations of a solo performer. 

Machinedrum - Only 1 Way 2 Know

via thefourohfive:

Effectively closing off his ongoing Vapor City project, which netted last year’s stellar LP of the same name, Machinedrum has unveiled the first taste of the series finale, with ‘Only 1 Way 2 Know’. The track bleeds a breathless melancholic vibe, eerily perfect for the slow onset of autumn. Machinedrum’s dreamy vocal infusions drive the haze-house laden effort forward, climaxing with a dubiously welcoming array of synths and mashed percussion. If it sets a precedent, expect Vapor City Archives to be a bit more mature than its preceding album.


Sunflower Bean - 2013

new group of youngsters outta brooklyn making quite a stir in the east coast punk/indie circles, peeeeep this shit

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Caribou - Our Love (Daphni Mix)

Vanilla - Sweet Talk

Kanye West - Street Lights

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St. Vincent - Black Rainbow

throwback. i love annie.

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