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Caribou - Our Love (Daphni Mix)

Vanilla - Sweet Talk

Kanye West - Street Lights

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St. Vincent - Black Rainbow

throwback. i love annie.

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Whoarei - Love, Love, Love

what my new music sounds like

Captain Murphy - Cosplay

The captain is back.

Kimbra - Love in High Places

The Golden Echo has been a pretty poppy affair so far, but this particular track, featuring bassist Thundercat, has that right amount of groove and production touches (particularly those light synths that remind me of TOKiMONSTA’s Creature Dreams). Kimbra’s sounding a lot like Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm here.

Death Valley Girls - No Reason

If you’re in Echo Park tonight, do not miss this band. This cassette is mental!

Twin Peaks - I Found A New Way

Off of Wild Onion. Favorite band at the moment. This album destroys. Like Iggy Pop & the Stooges meets Donovan.

Adult Jazz - Am Gone

Quite lovely.

via stereogum:

On “Am Gone,” [the second track off Gist Is], Leeds quartet Adult Jazz sounds like a smoother, sleeker answer to Dirty Projectors — quirky and disjointed, yet somehow gliding gracefully through the air. There are slight bluesy and jazzy undercurrents, but at the core is burning-heart songwriting. It sounds as if all the jerks and quivers are ways for the band to work out its neuroses. This is a hell of a song, understated and powerful.

Jeremiah Jae - The Heat

Off of the Good Times mixtape. Feelin’ the LA heat right now, “thinkin’ life’s sweeter than a churro”.

Summer Twins - Forget Me

Off of 2013’s Forget Me EP on Burger Records. Riding that mid-July high.


New Sound I’m working on, trying to produce everything from scratch.  XX female producing what up!

Mndsgn - Eggs

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Sampha - Without

Off of 2013’s Dual EP. Tonight, tomorrow.